Tangram Wellness offers a range of workshops and talks for corporate, School AND NGO initiativeS, AS WELL AS private eventS.

Keynote speeches, classes foR retreats And Bookings Beyond Singapore can also be arranged. 



  • Body Image Bootcamp for Mothers & Daughters
  • Self-care for Mothers Returning to Work
  • Wine-Stained and Well-Heeled: Professional Women & Drinking
  • Success Through Tiny Habits
  • Wellness Strategies for the Stressed-Out Business Traveller
  • When Yes Means No: Establishing Boundaries 
  • Sober and Sane in the Age of Addiction
  • Techtox: Unplugging for Connection 
  • Vision & Action: Empowered Planning Through Tough Transitions 
  • Overcoming Self-Sabotaging Behaviors
  • Drinking for the Job: Staying Healthy in a Heavy Drinking Work Culture

    As part of Tangram Wellness's advocacy work, customized talks and workshops on behavior change, addiction, fitness, mindfulness and behavioral health are offered for school events, NGO initiatives, rehabilitation centers, and general conferences. 
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