Coaching WITH Aimee For Lasting Change


As an integrative coach combining health, life and recovery coaching for lasting change, I work with women one-on-one, as well as offering group coaching for companies in Singapore.

My coaching focuses on well-being and personal energy management for those who are ready to make a significant health change.

Our coaching together may address several areas across the seven domains of well-being: physical, spiritual, social, occupational, intellectual, emotional and environmental. Coaching is a dance: I meet you where you are and together we will waltz between contemplation, intention, and action using tools from various coaching disciplines. My particular strengths as a coach are in motivational interviewing, active listening, transtheoretical behavior change, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and assertiveness techniques for boundary setting. I'm also a qualified fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, behavior change specialist and athlete, and am therefore able to assist you with the more prescriptive aspects of improving energy levels and overall quality of life. 

Each coaching session is 60 minutes long. A minimum three month coaching commitment is required, which is about the time it takes to sustainably change a behavior. Bundled packages of 6 coaching sessions include a complimentary thirty minute chemistry call or meeting to ensure that we're the right match. In a coaching relationship, trust and connection are of the highest importance, and the chemistry call will give you an opportunity to "try on" my coaching style. 


  • For new clients: A package of six (6) 60 minute coaching sessions + chemistry call + ongoing email support: $1200 SGD ($900 USD)

  • An ongoing package of twelve (12) 60 minute coaching sessions + chemistry call + ongoing email support: $2400 SGD

I offer a sliding scale fee for women and teens in Singapore who are in active recovery from an eating disorder or addiction and who could use the additional support of a coach but are unable to afford my full rate. If you're a voluntary service organization in Singapore, please enquire about discounted in-house group coaching rates.

Coaching sessions can be scheduled in person in Singapore in the CBD area, or via Skype. As a coach, I've worked with women from over twenty different nations, and many of my clients are either executives who frequently travel, or expatriates navigating between cultures and countries.




Wellness at work programs, including behavior change workshops, informative talks, fitness initiatives and accountability sessions can dramatically reduce employee absenteeism while boosting productivity and retention rates. 


The wellness-related issues that companies in East Asia currently face are specific to each country's cultural values and norms, as well as the transient nature of executive postings in the region. As an independent researcher in public health and development with a focus on China and Southeast Asia, I have a firm grasp of the unique challenges that employers and their staff contend with relating to work-life balance and productivity.

My public speaking experience spans five years and my personal style is calm, knowledgeable, empathic, and culturally-sensitive. I offer workshops, talks and corporate wellness consulting for forward-thinking, employee-centric companies in the region who desire to improve their businesses by increasing productivity, improving morale, and decreasing healthcare costs and absenteeism rates. 

I also speak at schools and voluntary organizations, providing education and dynamic activities to improve wellness and mental health while raising awareness about some of the wellness-related issues impacting teens and families today. 

A selection of talks and workshops I've provided include: 

  • A keynote speech on authenticity for an employee offsite with a multinational advertising and public relations company;

  • A two hour presentation and workshop on personal energy management and habit change for a large financial firm;

  • A presentation and workshop on body image in teens and adults for a voluntary organization;

  • A feature presentation on fitness and addiction for a women's group;

  • A series of workshops on wellness and empowerment for stay-at-home mothers interested in returning to the workforce.

Interested in working together to create a tailored program or talk for your company or organization? 

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