SELECTED Tangram Team Testimonials:

Before working with Aimee I was a totally different person to who I am now. I was constantly anxious, constantly stressed and extremely depressed. My life had spun out of control, and I knew that I had to get help.

When I first met Aimee I instantly knew I wanted her to be my counsellor. I felt I’d finally met someone that could relate to my pain and have compassion for me. Working with her has been amazing! I have been to many psychologists in my time, and they are always that ‘one hour a week’ session where you pour your heart out but always leave feeling worse. Whereas my sessions with Aimee are different.

She helps me see the answers to what I am looking for. Ultimately they are always inside of me, but buried away. This is where Aimee’s true skill lies, being able to help you see the best in yourself.

Aimee saved my life! She helped me come through a really dark time in my life by working together in a way that worked best for me. I would recommend Aimee to anyone. Everyone needs someone like Aimee in their life!



I reached out to Aimee at a point where I was really ready to make a change in my life and take it to a happier, healthier place.  Not interested in a “cleanse” or a quick fix, I knew Aimee would help me create the right foundation for a better life. 

Aimee takes such a comprehensive view of wellness. She helped me adopt life-long habits that improved my mental and physical well being.  In only a few months of working with Aimee I replaced unhealthy habits such as drinking wine and consuming processed “diet” foods with lifelong healthy habits like meditation, running, and eating protein-rich real food.   She provided tactical suggestions for how to manage changes, such as recipes I could try, running programs to increase my stamina, and habits to replace alcohol and unhealthy food.  More importantly Aimee helped me explore the emotional reasons behind my unhealthy habits.  She asked powerful questions to help me better understand my blocking issues, and provided support and encouragement during every step of my journey to change. 


I cannot recommend Aimee highly enough if you are interested in making deep, sustainable, positive changes in your life.  She truly is the best.

I had spent the majority of my life enthralled in a debilitating and all-consuming eating disorder.

In my late teens and early twenties, I spent time at both inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities and still really could not get a grasp on the tools necessary to overcome my endless cycles of restriction, binges and purges.  At the start of 2015 and in a moment of desperation and no longer wanting to be controlled by an illness that I knew would eventually kill me, I did some research and set-up an initial consultation with Aimee.  I was incredibly nervous and had no idea what to expect or what Aimee's approach would be.  My eating disorder had been with me for so long that I really didn't know what my life would look like once I completely immersed myself in recovery and separated myself from my disorder.  What was supposed to be a 30-minute consultation, turned into two-hours of Aimee allowing me to pour out my biggest fears, worries and openly talk about my very upsetting struggles I had been holding in for many years.  

Aimee's approach was compassionate and understanding. she met me where I was at and gave me the right tools at exactly the right moments to handle the hurdles I was facing mentally and physically.  

For someone like me who had spent a great deal of time at eating disorder recovery centers where the treatment is very forced and 'cookie-cutter' I was so relieved to find Aimee, who really listened to me and my needs and catered a plan that was right for me.  Aimee encouraged me to view food as fuel for my goals as a runner and not view food and proper nutrition as the 'enemy' but as a necessity to help me along my journey.  I was open about my goal to run a half marathon and Aimee encouraged this goal and helped me navigate a path to not only achieve this goal but conquer several other distance runs that year.  Aimee's commitment and incredibly deep knowledge on eating disorders and recovery truly helped me and gave me the ability to take my life back. 

 I can't remember a time since the age of 15 I have been able to sustain a comfortable weight and have a healthy relationship with food and exercise; the tools as well as the counselling Aimee provided for me have stayed with me and helped guide me in my recovery. 

There are no words to thank you Aimee.

I first met with Aimee eight months after having my first baby.

My pregnancy had been relatively easy, but I had gained over 40 pounds by giving into my constant cravings for Starbucks blueberry muffins and binge watching Netflix instead of working out.  Even though I lost most of the weight naturally after I stopped breast feeding at eight months, my body shape had changed postpartum and I was feeling flabby and weak.  

When we first started working together, Aimee scared the crap out of me when she told me we were going to lift heavy weights and tried to convince me that the number on the scale isn't important. But session after session, she helped me let go of my unhealthy fitness motto (nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!) and I started feeling strong!

Then I discovered that I was pregnant. Again. Apparently I'm quite fertile! My body had just created and nourished a healthy and vibrant nine month old baby boy and now it had to gear back up to sustain yet another tiny little life. 

Aimee continued to work with me throughout my pregnancy. When my doctor told me my abdominal muscles might be separating, she researched ways to keep my core safe. 

We were swinging kettlebElls together into my eightH month...

...and I felt amazing. I gained half the weight I had with my son and had double the energy. She even sent me workout plans for the eight weeks I spent in the US with my family so I wouldn't lose momentum. 

Two weeks before my due date, my beautiful daughter was born breech in less than one hour of labor. I waited the obligatory six weeks before beginning to work out again and for the first few weeks back Aimee went easy on me. I felt weak and was worried that all of the work I did while pregnant was for nothing and that I'd have to start from scratch again. Having two babies under two years old was also exhausting, and I was terribly overwhelmed both physically and emotionally.

In those early days of newborn sleep deprivation and toddler frustration, my weekly session with Aimee was like a therapy session.  Her positive energy is contagious and she encouraged me to take care of myself as much as possible.  She's truly an inspiration and I left each session feeling emotionally lighter and physically stronger (and also very very sore).

Five months after giving birth to my second baby, I've lost all of the baby weight and have a completely new body - of which I am terribly proud. 

I feel strong and healthy. 

Aimee is more than just a trainer - she's a life coach.  She truly cares about her clients and takes the time to individualize each session to reach your goals.  


I was stressed out with work, bosses, life. I was based overseas alone and wanted to be with family and friends. My goals were to find peace of mind again. I was (am) at my unhealthiest and heaviest I have ever been in my whole life. I was totally unmotivated so I decided I had to take action to improve my lifestyle, even if it meant exercising only once a week.

I will be honest – I hate exercising, like really detest it – but Yan makes it all better.

I don't look forward to my sessions but that has nothing to do with Yan because when I am having my sessions with her, I am having loads of fun! She is caring and encouraging, not a dictator. She pushes me but does it in a way that does not seem imposing. She knows how to get me to do that extra push-up. :)

My knees don’t hurt as much that’s for sure. Hahaha I feel a lot lighter, I don’t pant after climbing a flight of stairs. I like that Yan allows me to take my time to change my mindset, she is not patronising or condescending, and that has helped me build my confidence.

I hear her voice when I am ordering food outside – she wins sometimes. :P

I've recommended Yan to others. My ex-boss is already working with Yan. Yan has amazing positive energy that rubs off on you, and she has a beautiful heart.



I have struggled with my weight since the “freshmen  fifteen,” which was longer ago than I care to admit, until I met Aimee shortly after the birth of my second child this year.  I have worked out with numerous trainers since college, but with little to no success.  I’ve even gone to extremes like liposuction to try and get rid of my “thunder thighs,” but still unhappy with the results.  It sounds silly to admit now, but I never really understood the correlation between diet and working out until Aimee addressed my nutrition and my workouts.  

In the past, I naively assumed that if I was working out, I should be able to eat and drink what I wanted.  I also wasn’t working out with much frequency, my only quality workouts seemed to be with my trainers, or I thought cardio was enough in between training sessions.  To be honest, the gym has always intimidated me because I didn’t really know what to do on the machines by myself.  I think most trainers don’t want to teach you what to do on your own; they think if you learn how to work out on your own, you won’t need them. Aimee comes from the perspective of a coach- she doesn't think like that- and she has the training to know what specific workouts you need to do to for your specific needs. She is more focused on actually helping people achieve the results they are seeking than worrying about how often you have actual “training” sessions. 

Aimee gave me a plan that I could easily follow and had pictures, so there was no way I could mess up on my own as long as I followed the plan.  Increasing my frequency of workouts has made me more comfortable in the gym and also shown me results I could never have imagined 4 months ago!  She also changes the workouts up according to where you are so you never hit a plateau and get frustrated, which is when I would quit in the past. Now, the diet part is what I never added to the workouts, I always did one or the other: workout and eat whatever I wanted, or diet and skip the gym.

 Having a nutrition plan that was easy to follow, taught me portion control, and had the right balance of calories, protein, and nutrients has really been the missing piece that has gotten me the results I have been searching for most of my adult life.  I never thought I would reach a day when I wouldn’t crave fast food or could say no to cheese, but I honestly don’t miss those temptations anymore, I feel so good when I see results week after week.  I’m not done yet, I still have a few more pounds to go and more work to do, but I’m confident with Aimee’s guidance moving forward, I will reach my goals.


I've had a history of personal trainers, but none whose sessions I enjoy as much as Anna's.

Ever since training with her since the birth of my second child, I've really felt my fitness level improve.

When I initially started, it was a bit demoralising to see how unfit I was post pregnancy but Anna was very reassuring and encouraging that she could help me get back on track. Her experience with post-partum fitness was evident and she was very cautious with the initial exercises to ensure that my abdominal muscles had properly healed and introduced incrementally challenging ab work slowly. I felt very safe in her hands knowing that she was not only an inspiring trainer but also a very knowledgeable one.

I look forward to my weekly sessions with Anna and always leave feeling inspired to work harder. I appreciate how each session with Anna feels like a collaboration and she always tailors the day's session to specifically how I feel that day (while being able to call me out on my excuses!)

She introduces a myriad of exercises each session and I love how she switches things up so I never get bored. She has such a warm and friendly personality- you almost forget that she's torturing you! 

At the beginning of 2014, I decided...

I was sick of being inactive and feeling low about myself.

Aimee and I started working together in February with the goal of losing 10kg and running 10km. By May I ran
my first ever 10km and it felt great! By June I was down 10kg with 11cm coming off my hips. I feel better than ever and the increased fitness has permeated every aspect of my life. Its given me the energy and drive to open a business, its helped me be a better mum as I am no longer a tired, grumpy ogre come 5pm and its helped me feel great about myself and my body again.

I am in control, I am strong and I am proud and I am a positive role model for my daughter.

Aimee has helped me every step of the way - she knows just the right amount to push me and how much of my flimsy excuses to take. She is knowledgeable and has helped me get through  couple of injuries without breaking my rhythm to much. She has educated me on nutrition and helped me find a sustainable and long-term way of eating healthy that takes into account my sweet tooth! And her general passion and love for health and fitness is contagious. She is the first and only trainer I've stuck it out with and now I think she's stuck with me for the long term. We've renewed my goals and in November I'll be running a 21km, completely unimaginable just 6 months ago. Thank you so much Aimee, for everything!


I was at a low point in my life.

I kept postponing things and giving myself excuses for all the wrong things that went on in my life.

I went through so many diets, and my weight kept yoyo-ing. I would be fairly successful on some diets but always gained the weight back, and then some.

I felt defeated, imploded, and a lot of resentment and unhappiness would set in.  And then one day it just struck me, I didn't want a life of regrets - no more "would have, could have, should have".  I wanted to take control of my life - no more procrastination, I wanted to get better, and I knew that I needed help.

That was how Aimee, a complete stranger, came into my life. Everything that Aimee wrote on the website was compelling and true. It struck a chord with me.

Aimee has been a positive force in my life.

She is a brilliant and wonderful personal trainer and life coach. She doesn't force me to do anything, she encourages me and she helps me understand the whys and hows.  She makes me feel that I can take on the world. I am physically and mentally stronger because of her training. 

She has helped me focus on my goals, and as we continually work together, she has made me realise that I can achieve even more. I would never have thought I could achieve my fitness goals - my first 5k race, the 10k race, and one day soon, my half marathon.

Her training plans always keep me motivated and I am never bored.

Cardio conditioning, strength training, and exercise tools that worked muscles that I never knew existed, we have done them all.

Aimee has taught me about eating right, how to fuel my body so that I was getting the right, wholesome nutrition.  It is a complete 360° plan.

The beauty of it all is that every step of the way, Aimee is the real deal, a true professional, she sincerely cares, is always encouraging and is ever ready to help.

Thank you Aimee.


 I have never exercised in my life. I hate perspiring and I hate feeling the 'burn'. But with age catching up, I knew I had to do something radical to remain healthy. So when my colleague recommended her personal trainer, Yan, to me, I jumped on the opportunity to sign up with her, because she was exactly whom I was looking for. 

She is a female (which makes me a lot more comfortable), and she exhibits a strong interest in my overall health, instead of only how I can lose weight. She is well-read and creates a personalised program based on my needs.

During our sessions, she is very involved (she doesn't just stand around while I'm working out on the gym machines). She also takes extra care to ensure I push myself hard, without getting hurt. 

While I still hate exercising, what's important is that I am actually doing what I swore never to do - exercise vigorously and regularly.

 I would definitely recommend Yan to anyone who wants to embark on a journey they never thought possible - a meaningful path towards good health. 

 I started training with Anna Kwan in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat around my hips, to tone up and be more fit. What I achieved with Anna's training was far more than this! My overall strength and fitness improved in a short span of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Working out with Anna is great fun and she really motivates me to work harder and keep pushing myself. Anna is also very committed and patient and yes, I've seen results, and so did my friends.

I visibly lost inches, was more toned, was eating more healthily, felt more fit and looked better.

 I have received a lot of positive comments regarding this. I can’t recommend her enough.

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