One of the most important Human relationships is the one between Mother and Child. As We Feel, So Will Our Children.  

Entering into Parenthood With Renewed Strength, Energy and Confidence not only Boosts Mom, But Baby As Well. 

Research shows that exercising during pregnancy has numerous benefits, including:

  • Less weight gain during pregnancy 
  • Reduced chance of gestational diabetes 
  • Less risk of delivery complications 
  • Faster delivery and post-delivery recovery
  • Lower blood pressure and reduced risk of pre-eclampsia
  • Mood boosting endorphins, lessening stress and anxiety
  • Reduced risk of depression during pregnancy
  • Reduced fatigue and improved sleep quality
  • Less constipation

Pregnancy is physically demanding on the body. Your center of gravity shifts, causing postural changes and muscular imbalances. Pregnancy hormones also reduce joint stability, particularly in the pelvic region. The size and load of the growing uterus weakens abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and pushes down on the lower spine, causing back pain. If not addressed correctly during exercise, these complications may become more pronounced further along gestation and hinder the early stages of recovery. Tangram Wellness's Pre-Natal Exercise Prescription for expectant mothers can greatly reduce pain and discomfort while strengthening the body for delivery. Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise Coach, Anna Kwan, will work closely with you throughout your pregnancy and consult with a team of physiotherapists as needed, who are also available for referral.

Pre-Natal Services

  • One-on-One Pre-Natal Exercise Coaching: Tailored exercise sessions in the comfort of your own surroundings, where you'll receive individual attention specific to your own requirements and preferences. A full medical screening will be conducted prior to your first session in which pregnancy-related concerns are discussed. Packages of 10 and 20 sessions are available.
  • Small Group Sessions for Expectant Mothers: Team up with a small group of mothers-to-be for weekly exercise sessions and educational seminars on ensuring a healthy pregnancy. This is a fantastic way to gain mutual support and learn more about pregnancy-related concerns, including pelvic floor strengthening, core stability, posture, and nutritional advice.

Returning to exercise after having a baby can be daunting and intimidating. Let's face it: post-pregnancy is rarely a time when women feel intrinsically motivated to commence a new fitness regimen and at the same time, there is a certain desperation about regaining the pre-baby body back. Rushing back into an exercise routine without proper guidance can cause problems down the line, especially relating to abdominal separation and reduced pelvic floor function. If these issues aren't addressed immediately, progress will stall.

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles stretch and expand to allow room for the growing baby. Diastasis Recti occurs when the rectus abdominals (our "six pack" muscles) separate along the midline, leaving the linea alba (soft connective tissue) to protrude through the gap. If left undetected or incorrect exercise prescription is given in early postnatal stages, this can cause a further widening of the gap and leaves the mother with a swollen (pregnant looking) tummy.

Whether you’ve had a natural delivery or a caesarean, the pelvic floor will have been placed under considerable pressure during pregnancy. The muscles weaken and functioning is reduced, which can cause complications such as stress incontinence. Re-educating new mothers to recruit their pelvic floor muscles correctly during exercise is essential; function should be restored before any advances are made in exercise programming. A stronger pelvic floor will also help in rectifying abdominal splitting.

Tangram Wellness is about working from the inside out. The initial focus in our post-natal program involves strengthening the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor (the inner unit) in order to reduce diastasis recti. Weight loss naturally follows the creation of a stronger core, and clients have an easier time returning to their pre-pregnancy body.

Post-Natal Services (following clearance from a Gynecologist, Generally 6-8 weeks after birth)

  • Customized One-on-one Training: Individual attention specific to your own stage of recovery, offered in packages of 10 or 20 sessions.
  • Small Group Post-Natal Exercise Classes & Educational Workshops: Team up with a group of new mothers for sociable, fun and energizing weekly workouts as well as educational classes. Particular focus will be given to strengthening pelvic floor functioning, addressing diastasis recti, and lower abdominal activation. Classes are limited to a maximum of eight women to ensure that individual attention is given and exercises are performed properly.


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