Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?
I work with women both in Singapore and across the globe who are ready to tap into their total strength- emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual- in order to overcome self-defeating behaviors, improve their health, and move toward a more energized, aware and fulfilling life. My clients hail from the US, Singapore, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Canada and more! Health, Habit Change & Recovery coaching are conducted in person and via Skype across time zones. 

What makes Tangram Wellness unique?

  • All Tangram Wellness programs emphasize self-efficacy and are structured to enable lasting change, spanning an average of three to six months. I don’t want to work with you forever- I want to see you get to a place where you can fully soar on your own!
  • I view behavior change and the transformation process through an integrative lens, addressing mind, heart and body simultaneously. For example, if you want to make a permanent physical change like sustained weight loss, you also need to address what’s going on with the inner self, rather than just focusing on the physiological aspects. In the Tangram approach, mind and body are intertwined and cannot be separated.
  • I'm one of a very few coaches globally with certifications and experience in wellness coaching + addiction recovery coaching + professional coaching + physical fitness training, as well as being a competitive athlete. I chose this path because I used skills from all of these disciplines in my own health and recovery journey and I know that, through personal experience and extensive research, this combination has incredible power to produce lasting change.
  • Physical fitness is a vital component of self-growth and progress overall, and I emphasize its role in all of my coaching scenarios, sometimes combining coaching and training. 

What is a Health Coach?
Quite simply, a health coach is a wellness mentor who assists individuals in making more positive choices for their lives. Health coaches integrate the science of behavior change into disease prevention, weight management, health promotion, rehabilitation and recovery. Health coaches are usually trained in behavior change therapies, nutrition, exercise modes, stress management, and patient advocacy.

Who is Health Coaching for?
Health Coaching is suitable for anyone who is ready to attain a higher level of well-being, whether that means triumphing over a health challenge, reaching a major health- or fitness-related achievement, losing a significant amount of weight or learning how to bring more balance into one’s life.

I noticed that you are a certified addiction professional. What is an Addiction Recovery Coach?
The definition of an Addiction Recovery Coach really depends on the school of thought or approach used in this type of coaching. Generally, an Addiction Recovery Coach provides strengths-based coaching, mentoring and support to someone seeking freedom from self-sabotaging behaviors involving alcohol, food, gambling, substance abuse, or other addictive behaviors. In this capacity, Tangram Wellness works with women who wish to change their relationship with alcohol and/or food. I do not currently offer in-house sober companion services. 

What is the difference between a Coach and a Counsellor?
The main difference is that a coach focuses on present and future, working to move an individual forward with their goals, while a counsellor spends more time examining the past and the origins of challenges that an individual is experiencing. Coaches and their clients work as equals, in a partnership to facilitate change for the client while tapping into personal strengths. Coaches cannot diagnose or treat significant psychological issues. A coach may work together with a counsellor or psychologist to assist the client, as needed. 

What is a Tangram?
A Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle that consists of seven shapes which can be arranged in numerous ways to create different pictures (or metaphorically, realities). I chose the Tangram as a representation for this coaching practice because of the puzzle's playful quality, transformational aspects, and number of pieces, which correspond to the seven dimensions of wellness: physical, spiritual, social, occupational, intellectual, emotional and environmental. 

Can you do a talk at my workplace or school?
I love leading workshops and talks! Email me at

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