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What's Your Word for 2016?

If you were to summarize your 2015 experiences in one word, what would that word be?

Without a doubt, mine would be “Shift." Quite serendipitously, the Tangram team expanded by two this year, allowing me to begin building the mission-driven wellness business I’d dreamed about as I stepped into my coaching and advocacy shoes full-time while handing over the administrative and fitness side of things to two awesome women, Vanessa and Anna. Finally, I could stop juggling ten different hats- big news for a small business owner! This shift arrived just as I came to realize- after many months of resistance- that I would have to make adjustments in the way I was living in order to support my own physical and emotional health. This meant: 

- More intuitive listening, less “to do” checklists.
- More yoga and meditation, less weightlifting.
- More nature walks, less sprinting through city streets.
- More naps, less meetings.
- More creativity, less rigidity.
- More saying “No,” less people pleasing.

From all of this “shift,” new dreams have been seeded- dreams anchored not in achievement, but in feeling and experience. So, if you were going to give 2016 a one word theme, what would that be? After much internal debate and sitting with discomfort, I’m going to go with “fun.” FUN- yikes- the very thought of dedicating a year to fun makes this recovering perfectionist cringe! But, I’m going to roll with that anyway. After all, out of shift and discomfort comes growth!

For those of you who are ready to put some fuel and focus behind your dreams, I will be leading a half day Intention Board workshop on the morning of Saturday, January 16th. During this workshop, we’ll create individualized mind maps of what you’d like to achieve and how you want to feel in the Year of the Monkey, as well as a tangible action plan to get you on your way. And, of course, you'll have some treasured time to dip into your creativity and playfulness as you build a powerful Intention Board- otherwise known as a Vision Board- to keep you motivated and inspired. This workshop is perfect for career changers, seekers, dreamers, new expats, artists and entrepreneurs. Three of my prior Vision Board workshops have been sell-outs and space is limited, so be sure to secure your seat early. For more information and tickets:

Since Anna came on board with Tangram Wellness a few months ago as our Health & Fitness Specialist, I’ve rarely had the chance to see her! She’s been incredibly busy with getting her clients prepared for their various fitness goals, which include:

· Running first marathons and 10k's;
· Becoming a fit and fabulous bride;
· Gaining overall strength and flexibility;
· Improving cardiovascular health and well-being;
· And, losing weight sustainably

Anna has this to share: 
Merry Christmas! I've thoroughly enjoyed my first few months as part of the Tangram Wellness team and I'm really excited for all that's to come in the New Year. I've been working with some fantastic ladies and am so proud of what they've achieved so far- we've seen some amazing transformations in overall fitness, body composition and dietary habits and all have been able to finish the year on a positive note. More fitness milestones and achievements are on their way for 2016. Finally, I'm super excited to be launching Tangram's Pre- and Post-Natal Small Group Training and Educational Programmes as well for new and expectant mothers. Here are the initial details: 

The Tangram Team is getting ready to sign off for the holidays, so just a bit of housekeeping: I am taking coaching appointments for current clients between the 18th-22nd of December, and will be away from Dec. 23rd to Jan. 2nd. Coaching will resume on January 3rd. Anna will be on leave from Dec. 18th to Jan. 5th. To schedule appointments with either of us in the new year, contact

Myself and the Tangram Team wish you a peaceful and joyous holiday season! And, if you have a minute, send me a note to let me know what your theme word for 2016 is- I'd love to hear from you! 

Light & lifting,



Tangram Fitness News

Tangram Fitness has been receiving some great press lately- what an auspicious start to 2015! 
Check out The Asian Entrepreneur to read about the Tangram Fitness vision and my own transformation. I've also been named as one of the best at-home Personal Trainers in Singapore by Sassy Mama. A big thanks to The Asian Entrepreneur and Sassy Mama!

Needless to say, there's a lot of work to be done this year and so many new things to learn. I'm currently finishing my training as an Addiction Recovery Coach and will soon be launching a new program for women who are interested in exploring their relationship with alcohol, whether they're looking to cut back, quit, or just find more balance. This program is one of a kind, based on my personal learnings through the recovery process; my training as a life coach, health coach and addiction recovery coach; and some of the work that I'm doing currently with clients across the globe. 

There are a lot more health and fitness surprises in the pipeline this year and I'm working with some amazing coaches in the US to see them through. To be the best, it's best to work with the best! This also means that expansion, change and a little refurbishing is necessary. Change is growth! I'll keep everyone in the loop via the newsletter, so if you haven't signed up already, please do so at the sidebar of this blog or on the website homepage. 

How can Tangram Fitness best serve your wellness needs? What are you working to achieve this year? I'd love to hear from you! Send me an email at or leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and healthy Year of the Goat! 

Light & Lifting,



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