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  Creating a Morning Practice

Rise and shine!

Rise and shine!

Yesterday’s post addressed the power of a daily morning visualization. Nesting this practice into a set morning routine will strengthen its potency considerably. Countless articles have already been written on the morning habits of highly successful people. Generally, they advise one to get up early, exercise first thing, engage in some type of motivational mental practice like prayer or mindfulness, and do the hardest tasks first. There’s even a bestselling book, “My Morning Routine,” detailing what famous people do as soon as they wake up!

In my years as a coach, I’ve found that there’s really no one winning formula for a morning routine — everybody’s different. One person might gain energy and focus by getting up at 8am, reading the Bible and walking their dogs as exercise. Someone else might find their daily golden ticket in a morning visualization, 5km run and cold shower before sunrise.

We all have unique goals, motivations, preferences and constraints. What matters is that a consistent morning practice has been established— something that you can rely on to weather bad moods, low energy, and challenging times. A morning routine is an insurance policy against the motivation extinction everyone experiences at least once in a while.

Setting up a sustainable, consistent morning routine requires some experimentation. I have yet to meet a single person who sets one up and sticks to it right out of the gate. Play around with all the “first thing” activities that might improve your life. Make a list of them. Can you imagine doing three of those activities within a block of thirty minutes to an hour? What combinations might work for you? For instance, you might consider:

Morning Routine #1:

6am: Wake up
Hot shower 
Morning Visualization 
45 minute workout at the gym


Morning Routine #2:

6:30 am: Wake Up
Morning Visualization
30 minute run outside
Cold shower 

Try each of your potential morning practice out for a week. Take note of any changes or ideas during this time. Which one feels most beneficial to you?

Action: Design a morning practice that will power each day. Write it out in detail. 

Power Questions: What three actions can you take in the morning to set you up for success? What would motivate you to stick with this morning practice?


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