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April Update: Finding Fun in Fitness

Skating around the park in my new (SUPER COOL & HIP) Rollerblades.

Skating around the park in my new (SUPER COOL & HIP) Rollerblades.

I've got a question for you- does fitness ever feel like a total drag? Are you the type of person who resolves to get into shape every single New Year’s Eve, only to give it all up by the time April rolls around? Are you that lady in the gym, lethargically pedaling on the stationary bike while watching reruns of “Downton Abbey” on your iPad? Listen up: it does NOT have to be this way!

Today was one of the happiest afternoons I’ve had in a while…because today I bought a fancy pair of rollerblades and spent a good hour zooming around the park. You see, rollerblading was my absolute favorite thing to do as a child, and it was how I got around my former home, New York City, throughout my early twenties. But then, people started saying stuff like, “are you still skating around on those things?” or “rollerblading is so nineties,” and I soon noticed that I was one of the only folks traveling through Central Park on four wheels. Reluctantly, I tucked those rollerblades under my bed, giving up my favorite pastime for ten whole years. 

I share this with you because I truly believe that staying fit can be a total blast and that our exercise preferences should never be dictated by the fashion of the times. If you’re dragging your fluorescent trainers to Zumba class or spending your mornings showing off your Lululemons in downward facing dog just because all your girlfriends are doing the same thing, I can tell you right now that in the long run, this approach is not going to keep you fit (or happy).

Movement is meant to light you up, to energize you, to restore that sense of freedom and buoyancy that you experienced as a kid. Maybe you used to pass your afternoons climbing every tree or rock in town, or spend hours perfecting your dance moves in your bedroom. Perhaps you were a gymnast or a volleyball player or a track fiend in high school. Maybe you get your thrills from the weight room or the boxing ring or an MMA class.

Immerse yourself in activities that ignite you and invite play into your life, and you’ll uncover a fitness plan with some actual sticking power. Weightlifting might not be considered “ladylike” and rollerblading is apparently still passé, but they put a smile on my face like nothing else. Find your fun in fitness and you’ll never again worry about having to do something you hate in an attempt to feel good… which doesn’t make much sense in the first place, does it? 

Alright my fitness friend, that's it for now. Time to find some fun to get into! 

Love, light and lifting,




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