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Workshop: LIFETIME LEAN, Saturday August 29th

Not a day goes by where my Facebook feed doesn't contain at least one diet post, whether it's a friend trying to lose weight, an advertisement for the next big miracle, or an acquaintance selling some kind of "shrinkage" elixir. Dukan, juice fasting, MLM supplements, 5:2, cabbage soup, Skinny Bitch, Grapefruit diet, Atkins, the Zone... even new trends of drinking clay and ingesting tapeworm eggs just to lose weight- totally gross! Obviously, this all makes my job very tough- my clients point to Susie Q who's on an extreme low calorie diet losing 4 lbs. a week and wonder why they're only losing a quarter of that. They see these 12-week "amazing before and afters" that required 1,000-calorie-a-day meal plans and 2 hours of daily exercise and they get sad. I relate because I used to buy into that crap myself, to the point where I was popping handfuls of (now illegal) fat burners and vomiting up my food. Not cute!

This industry I'm in... a lot of it totally blows.

So, here's the deal- next Saturday afternoon, August 29th, I will be hosting an intensive three hour workshop along with Master Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Roz Alexander, to help people cut through all the stinky diet and fitness B.S. and actually learn how to create a sustainable, long-term plan. Real transformation requires commitment to learning, hunger for change, and a willingness to reprogram both mind and body. There's no quick fix, and you don't just wake up one day a brand new person- it's a daily commitment. Change IS hard work- the diet companies won't tell you that- but if you have a blueprint in place, some useful tools, and a real willingness to turn the corner for good, I know you can get to a place of strength, joy, and peace living in a body that you're friends with. If you're looking for an instant turnaround or you need to squeeze into a dress in two weeks, this workshop is not for you. If you're ready to unravel the diet world mess and do the work to be healthy, strong and confident, please join! If you think this may be useful to someone you know, share it! 

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Welcome to Tangram Fitness!


After months of preparation, I am so excited to officially launch a new kind of fitness and wellness business in Singapore! Tangram Fitness takes a "long view approach" to fitness by giving each client the tools they need for lifelong health and wellness, incorporating mobile personal training, nutrition education and health coaching. We have more than a few unique features, including Singapore's first and only "pay as you please" bootcamp; an eight week weight training course for women called "Lifting the Weight"; and a Q&A blog to answer all your questions about transforming your body, shifting your habits and ultimately, changing your life. Tangram Fitness also aims to raise the bar by beginning a new conversation about real health and wellness issues facing women today- no fluff and no fads. Topics you'll read about here include:

- The truth about diets and metabolic damage
- How to set up "non-negotiables" in your life and stick with them
- Why women should lift heavy weights
- Places to recharge your batteries in Singapore
- How meditation can boost athletic performance 
- Why Asia needs to REJECT the American diet!
- Sweating away anxiety and depression 

- Focus on Food: mussels for muscles, quinoa, bitter gourd, green drinks, and hundreds of other "power" foods. 

So, without further ado, let's get this new community going! 

What are YOU interested in learning more about? What types of fitness and wellness services would be most beneficial to you? Do you have a burning question about fitness? Send your wishes, requests and queries to I look forward to hearing from you!




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