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Friends in Singapore, I'll be leading a Body Image workshop with Primetime next Tuesday evening. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn, network, get to know yourself a bit better, begin improving your body image, and perhaps assist your daughters in doing the same. If you can make it, please join!

If you are unable to be a part of the evening, here are five quick tips to help yourself and each other beat the body image blues:

1. RETHINK COMPLIMENTS. Instead of complimenting someone on their physical appearance like we always do, acknowledge a positive attribute that's beyond skin deep. Like, "hey Adrienne, you're a truly awesome extrovert because you respect all sides of the coin," or "Roz, the weight room is a hundred times more sparkly and motivating when you're in it" or "Katheryn, if anyone ever teaches me how to do one of those wild & zany yoga headstands it's going to have to be you." Get it?

2. GET SPORTY. Studies suggest that girls and women involved in sports, as well as exercisers generally, have more favorable body image then those who are largely sedentary. So, get active and find out what your body is actually capable of.

3. MAKE A PACT AGAINST SELF-DEPRECATION. I know it's an easy way to bond and for many, it's also a habit, but your body really does hear what you're saying about yourself and it responds accordingly. Seriously. 

4. SPIRITUAL PRACTICE- GET INTO IT. Be it yoga, journalling, prayer, meditation, daily gratitude lists, communal worship, or getting up with the sunrise to contemplate life in solitude, learning how to base your life on wisdom, inner guidance and the larger picture will pull you further away from the stuff that doesn't really matter at the end of the day, whether that's zits, a roll of fat, wrinkles or anything else. 

5. LIMIT YOUR TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I know- it's sort of ironic for me to post this on the blog- but the longer we spend on social media, the worse we tend to feel about our bodies and ourselves as a whole. Free yourself from the constant comparison trap that social media tends to encourage by being pointed and specific about your social media use.

Ok, I've got MUCH, MUCH more for you next Tuesday so hope to see you there but if not, perhaps this short list might be of use or make you smile. If you think someone might benefit from this workshop or list, please share.

Details and registration for the event are HERE-->


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