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What's for Breakfast at Team Tangram?

Have you ever wondered what "health nuts" eat for breakfast? In this new series, Team Tangram will be giving you an uncensored peek into how wellness pros actually live- we think you may find it refreshingly surprising! Making time for breakfast IS important- studies show that people who eat breakfast are better able to manage their weight, meet their nutritional needs, and sustain concentration throughout the day. However, there is no "perfect" breakfast for all- every body's different, with different requirements and preferences, and we all have different rhythms and responsibilities in our lives as well! 

Anna, the Personal Trainer

"Today for breakfast I had watermelon, one of my favourite fruits, and so refreshing to have first thing in the morning as it is made up of over 90% water so really hydrates the body. It also contains amino acids which hold anti-inflammatory properties- great helping for muscle soreness after a week of hard training.

During the week, when i'm training clients in the morning, I tend to have grapefruit instead as my morning fruit. Grapefruit has a really low GI for a fruit and so helps maintain my energy levels throughout the morning. 

I make my own muesli which is a combination of rolled oats, bran fibre, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and almonds. Its a great combination of low GI carbohydrate, fibre, protein and essential fats. I mix in a few teaspoon of cinnamon powder for extra flavour!

Today i had greek yogurt and Manuka honey with my muesli. Greek yogurt is a good source of protein and so will keep me full longer; it helps lower the GI of my breakfast, meaning time taken to digest is longer. Manuka honey is a great sweetener and has a higher nutrient density than regular honey.  I love this combination, the refreshing watermelon combined with creamy sour greek yogurt, sweet honey and crunchy, spicy cinnamon muesli.....YUUUUM!!!"

Katheryn, the Yogi

"What do yogis eat for breakfast? Why, artisanal gogi berry kombucha with kale kimchi foraged by virgin Nepalese sherpas deep in the Amazon jungle, of course. #artisanal #cleanliving

What do I actually eat for breakfast… Cereal. And not even the good for you kind of cereal. Frosted Mini Wheats or Raisin Nut Bran (which sounds good for you but is like 80% sugar) #badyogi #deliciouscereal

Breakfast is for sure the most important meal of the day - and I am one cranky mama if I don’t eat immediately after waking up! But mornings with two babies are such chaos that I end up prioritising convenience to save my sanity. A healthier choice would be a smoothie with protein powder or Aimee’s famous protein pancakes!

We all struggle to take better care of ourselves! Just do the best you can with what you’ve got."

Aimee, The Coach

"My breakfast is a bit weird these days! I'll usually have some kind of egg dish. Today it's an egg white quiche with carrots and zucchini. I added a baked free range chicken leg from last night's dinner- we usually cook in bulk so there are leftovers in my meals each day. I also have homemade beef broth every morning, which is basically just beef bones simmered in a slow cooker for 24 hours. Then, I'll have a Greens Plus drink with fish oil and maca powder in it, and a cup of green tea.

I've been eating this way for about four months now, following an autoimmune protocol diet (AIP). It was an easy adjustment to make since I'm not a sugar person anyway. Autoimmune disease is rampant on both sides of my gene pool and I inherited some of that, so when my body started going haywire again last year, I did lots of research on how to help boost immunity and reduce inflammation with food, as well as seeking guidance from functional medicine professionals. I'd say that following an AIP plan is definitely helping! 

We're all given different challenges in life. You can live well and be fit, even when your health isn't optimal. As Katheryn says, doing the best with what you've been given is key. How we eat can make a big difference in our daily lives."

Thanks for reading! What's on your breakfast table? We'd love to hear from you! 


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