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Habit Change in 90 Days: As Told By Emojis

Whether you're ready to quit drinking, stop late night binge snacking, or shift into a healthier way of being, changing a habit or unwanted behavior is an often unpredictable rollercoaster ride that takes far longer than the suggested 21 days. In fact, to make a real lifestyle change, I'd say it requires a minimum of 90 days, which may include some major bumps along the road! Here's the truth about the journey, as told by emojis. ;-)

habit change by emojis1.jpg

This blog post was inspired by the hilarious Running a Half Marathon as Told by Emojis.

Has this been your experience? Map out your journey in emojis and share- we'd love to see it! 
Leave your virtual hugs and wisdom in the comments section.:-)


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