While many women keep a cute purse by their side, we wellness warriors rely on a big ole' gym bag to get us through our days. Ever wonder how fitness fanatics actually live? In this blog, we give you a peek inside the goods- our gym bags, of course! Read on.

Katheryn Meadows, Yoga Instructor 


You never know what you’re going to find in my gym bag! Diapers, toy cars, a box of raisins, or 7,000 receipts?!? It’s always an adventure!

The few things I never leave home without are by far the following: 

  • Lifefactory Water Bottle: It’s weighs like 5 pounds alone but goes everywhere with me (I think of it as extra strength training). Water just tastes better in it and staying hydrated is essential for my active lifestyle. 
  • Lululemon yoga towels: Lululemon’s towel mats are a must for hot sweaty practices. They’re lightweight and portable, absorbent enough to keep your grip in sweaty practices and come in super cute designs!
  • Moleskin notebook: All of my secrets are hidden in these chic Moleskin notebooks! Here I keep a morning intention journal that helps to design all of my classes for the week (and keep my sanity!). I also jot down creative ideas, quotes and movements whenever I have a chance - you never know when inspiration will hit!
  • Headbands, headbands, headbands!: As a busy mom, sometimes washing my hair falls on the lower end of the priority list (and by sometimes, I mean pretty much always!). Headbands can make all of the difference in this humid climate (hello frizz!), just throw one on, tie your hair up in a topknot and you’re ready to go!
  • Wallaroo Visor: This might make me an old lady, but the sun here in Singapore is no joke! I slather on SPF 50 in the morning but never leave home without my visor. It’s light, machine washable and protects my entire face from the sun. 

Aimee Barnes Pestano, Health & Recovery Coach

Well, the first thing you’ll see in my gym bag are a zillion loose hair ties and coins floating around! My gym bag is pretty much my purse, since I’m running around to appointments all day and go to the gym right after they’re done.

I pack a Quest bar or two as a snack, and sometimes I’ll bring my lunch if it’s a long day out. 

Two things I cannot live without are my Valeo weight belt and my Versa Gripps, both of which I’ve had forever. They’re smelly and cruddy at this point, but the weight belt has become a lifesaver for heavy squats and deadlifts, and the Versa Gripps have helped me increase my pull up numbers and my load on pulldowns, as well as minimizing callouses. I much prefer them over gloves.

I always have several notebooks with me- one for writing business ideas, one for writing a general “to do” list, and one for tracking all my sets and reps at the gym, as well as my mood and how I was feeling overall.

And of course, the hair again- I pack a dry shampoo with me for those days when I don’t have time to wash and blow dry. A lip gloss or two is also in the mix!

Anna Kwan, Health & Fitness Specialist

My gym bag doubles up as my general day bag. I'm usually out all day with clients
and so tend get most of my cardio exercise simply walking between my clients throughout the day. I love to get a bit of a stride on- walking can be so invigorating especially in some of the stunning open spaces we're lucky to have in Singapore!

I always pack my elastic resistance bands, these are so versatile and my clients can use them anywhere for a great resistance workout. 
Deodorant is a must, it's so sticky and hot walking around the city! 

My shades and earphones...I love to listen to calming, chilled music when I'm walking, it helps clear my head and blocks out the stresses of the city and overpowering noises of construction sites! At the moment I'm hooked on The 1975, The Sound...great album!

Snacks...I always have a stash of almonds in the pocket of my rucksack in case my energy levels drop. Almonds are high in protein and a good source of fat, they serve as an easy on the go snack. I'll usually have an apple too, pink lady's I'm addicted to, so crispy and sweet!

Coconut water I usually carry with me in case I'm feeling dehydrated. I find this better than a sports drink as it has fewer calories, less sodium and more potassium. 

Yan Huang, Metabolic Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Bands, bands, bands. I loveeee working out with bands. Versatile, highly effective, offers great feedback to the body, and most of all, it is lightweight. For someone as mobile as I am, this is fantastic companion -- so there is no excuse not to have a great workout ANYWHERE! 

Bands are also great for stretching and mobility work. Elite athletes train with resistance bands most of the time too.

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