What comes to mind when you think of trauma? Ambulances, war veterans, cancer survivors, victims of domestic abuse or rape...?

It’s a powerful word. And yet, if you look closely, there are shining slivers of trauma everywhere.

Does this sound familiar? “Help! I’ve just arrived in Singapore and am lonely. My husband travels constantly and I miss home. I feel like an outsider.” How about this: “Bad mommy alert! I have a beautiful new baby and am struggling to keep my head above water every day. What’s wrong with me?”

We shrug it off - it’s "expat wife” or “new mom" syndrome. We shove these feelings deep down inside, put on some mascara and handle it. Ladies, let’s get real. It’s traumatic.

So how do we deal? Some bitch about it, count the days until our posting is over, hate our host country and go into hiding. Others numb it out with alcohol and little yellow pills.

But, how many “mommy needs wine” nights are we going to have before we realise that the answer isn’t in the bottom of that glass?

When it goes unaddressed, trauma is a master of disguise. It’s like when you break a glass and do your best to sweep it up, but a small sliver is left behind. Eventually, someone’s going to step on it. It’s going to pierce the skin and hurt. Ignoring it won’t help; the sliver will just lodge itself deeper and deeper until it becomes infected. You have to be brave and dig it out. This will hurt too but then it’s free. You are free. And you can heal.

My journey with Forrest Yoga began as a calling to help heal others. A desire to share my passion and inspire women like myself to find their passion. Ana Forrest calls it connecting with your spirit.

Practicing Forrest Yoga illuminated the slivers of trauma in my life. It showed me that self awareness is the first step towards healing - I took an honest look at myself and admitted that I have suffered. That I am suffering. And it gave me the courage to realise that I don’t want to suffer anymore.

Yoga has always been my therapy, my eucharist, my release. If I am having a shit day, I need to get on my mat. Everything feels better afterwards - I feel free, strong, clear and powerful (even if I fall down in class, which I did TWICE tonight thankyouverymuch, Mr. Hee Boon).

Our emotions are inseparable from our physical form. The mind controls the body - how can emotional knots and tensions not also be evident in our muscle tissue? We all agree that stress can cause headaches, stomachaches and sleep issues, but hesitate when it’s suggested that tension can be stored in our muscles, joints and tendons. Accepting this and learning to release these tensions is a cathartic experience. Forrest Yoga is the only practice that even comes close to doing this. 

One of my words for this year is freedom. Freedom from struggle, from dependence, from fear and anxiety. Let this be your year to identify the trauma in your life, accept it and learn how to release it. Be free, be courageous, be a warrior.

              Walk in Beauty, 

What's been your experience as a new mom or expat wife- do you find it traumatic? How are you managing the "issues in your tissues"? Leave your thoughts in the comments section- we'd love to hear from you. Katheryn is available for one-on-one private sessions as well as group classes. To view her current class schedule:

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