Have you ever wondered how so called "health nuts" live? In this series, Team Tangram gives you an uncensored peek into our day-to-day. We hope you'll find it refreshing! If you missed part 1- "What's For Breakfast?"- you can check it out here.

The contents of our fridges can be a window into our general health, and will either support our wellness goals or sabotage them. One exercise we recommend to all health coaching and personal training clients is a thorough cleaning of the fridge and cupboards, removing any foods from the home that aren't doing your body good. As you'll see in this post, every body really is different, and we all have different needs and habits. 

Aimee, Director & Coach

"The contents of my fridge are pretty random, because my husband and I like to eat quite different things and we're always changing it up! I usually follow a Paleo-style way of eating called the Autoimmune Protocol, which helps reduce inflammation in the body. So, my diet is higher in healthy fats and protein, and lower in carbohydrates. 

In my fridge, you'll find lots and lots of leafy green veggies, as well as various fruits and berries. Every evening I have a green juice before bed which helps me sleep, and it usually includes papaya and celery. We're also big on preparing large batches of food for the week, so there's lots of Tupperware filled with antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken, beef, cooked sweet potatoes, and various salads. Some staples are sauerkraut, 90% dark chocolate, ghee or duck fat or grass fed butter, hot sauce, sparkling water and fish oil! I need to learn how to make fresh sauerkraut and kimchi at home- it's on the list of 2016 goals!"

Katheryn, Yoga Instructor 

Decisions, decisions! 

Decisions, decisions! 

"What's in my fridge? Honestly I couldn’t tell you.... because I have no idea.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am not a foodie. I know, shameful! It’s just not my thing and I’m consistently trying to make time in my busy schedule for nutrition. I see amazing results in my energy levels and overall physique when I focus on increasing my caloric intake - and especially when I eat more protein!

My relationship with food is like my relationship with my car. Some people LOVE cars (like my husband for example) and see them as works of art. Personally I couldn’t care less what car I’m driving as long as it gets me where I need to go and can fit all of my stuff in it. However, if totally neglect my car’s maintenance, it will break down. Similarly, even though I don’t really care about food, if I neglect my nutrition, my body won’t run as efficiently.

I also don’t cook - shocking, yes! Both because I don’t like to cook and because I’m terrible at it. So, the million dollar question, what’s in the fridge? Lots of milk for the babies, yogurt, eggs, bread, cheese, fruit, leftovers... pretty boring stuff!"

Anna, Health & Fitness Specialist

"So, we have lots of cans of soda water, which I just love when I come in from the heat. I try to limit myself to one daily as still water is a lot better for me but soda water is such a treat!

Quest bars, both myself and Nige adore, I prefer the almond vanilla as they're not as sweet as some of the others. I tend to chop a quarter in to my muesli in the morning, have a quarter after lunch as a sweet treat and then the second half in the afternoon if I'm feeling empty...such a good source of whey protein at 20g, with 15g of fibre and only 1g of sugar... Amazing and tasty, too.
I keep my fridge stocked with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, I buy them weekly at Tiong Bahru wet market so they're juicy and fresh. We also buy our meat and fish at the wet market, I find the quality is just so much better than supermarket brought. This week we've enjoyed snapper and salmon, tonight I'll be cooking pork loin (in the yellow bowl!) I marinade it in lemongrass, chilli, soy, ginger and garlic then grill to perfection.
I always keep eggs in my fridge as they're great hard boiled as a quick protein hit if I'm on the go! Similarly peanut butter is perfect as a quick yet satisfying snack; I tend to have a tablespoon of it with apple segments for an afternoon energy boost. I get my peanut butter from the UK when I have people visit...it's whole meal, very low in sugar and sodium and extra crunchy!

I use a dash of low fat milk in my morning coffee and soya or almond milk on my muesli. I'm not a huge milk fan though as I don't particularly like the taste.
We always have a tray full of fresh herbs ready for marinades. My husband and I love to cook and experimenting with different flavours is so much fun! Today I have lemongrass ready for my pork dish and mint which I'll use for my salad."

Yan, Metabolic Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor 

"My fridge is so empty. I need to go to the supermarket! Oh, and I share the fridge with the family. 

The usual things I have in my fridge are Blueberries, Greek Yoghurt, herbs herbs herbs :)) , eggs, 
salmon for later, butter, lemon/lime infused water, unsalted natural peanut butter, butternut pumpkin, leafy greens, and mushrooms."

And, that's a fridge wrap! Remember, every body is different- find what works for you! What do you keep in your fridge? How can you have your fridge help you with your wellness goals? What do YOU want to know about how wellness pros live? As always, we'd love to hear from you. Leave your comments, and if you liked this post, share it! 


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