This morning I was reading about the work actor Matthew Perry is doing to help fellow addicts seek sobriety. One of the greatest gifts about the journey of recovery is having the opportunity to be a light for others who are new to the path of deeper living.

Many struggling with addiction- be it food, booze, sex, drugs, or anything else- believe that if they are "good" for a month or that if they go to enough meetings or abstain for a certain period of time, they'll be "cured,"- "all better" or that there was no issue to begin with. I certainly thought that way in the beginning, and then I ended up continuously falling into destructive patterns for nearly half my life!

It's not just about the BEHAVIOR, it's about the THINKING behind the behavior. If you've physically and mentally been operating a certain way for 10, 20, 30 years, why would you think that you can turn it around in a week or a month? Don't be so hard on yourself!

Recovery means learning a new way of living and being, AND doing the work to carry out that new way each and every day. You step into a daily ritual of gratefully rebuilding yourself until eventually, it becomes you, and even so, THE RITUAL CONTINUES BECAUSE IT HONORS THE BEAUTY AND THE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE.

Today, I'm thinking of all those who are new to the path. Yes, it is really tough stuff, but you are tougher, more resilient and YOU ARE WORTH THE WORK.


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