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For those of you who have been following Tangram since the beginning, you may notice that a lot has changed around here- from the company name to the services, to the overall focus and even the branding. Well, one aspect has definitely remained the same and that is the vision & mission I had when I first launched this business in 2013. In fact, this “new edition” is simply about going back to the original intention—to assist women in areas that are being largely overlooked by the coaching, wellness and fitness communities, and in ways where I’m able to make a real impact through my professional and personal experience.

What I’d originally set out to do when I launched this business two years ago was a really scary thing to me, because it meant that I had to drag my own skeletons out of the closet and actually come clean about why I got into this career in the first place. There’s a popular saying in addiction recovery- “you’re only as sick as your secrets”- and I’ll be the first one to tell you that it’s true. So, after thinking about it for years, I put a toe in the water at a speaking engagement one evening, and eventually followed that up with a rather raw blog post about my own battle.

Wow- once those gates were open, it was like God had just picked up A megaphone and bellowed, “now you can go to work!”

And, here we are. While Tangram Wellness will always embrace the incredibly powerful force that is exercise, my services have changed a bit.  I am now working very specifically with women who are seeking to let go of self-sabotaging behaviors, build total strength, or change their relationship with alcohol and/or food; clients are both local and global. My approach is still an integrative one, blending tools and techniques from health, life and addiction recovery coaching, as well as those from fitness & nutrition. What this also means is that, while bespoke fitness & nutrition services will be offered as an option for Health Coaching clients as needed, I will no longer be taking on new clients who are specifically interested in one-on-one personal training services. And, of course, the content I publish will also shift a bit, with more attention paid to the inner work of transformation (and by the way, all this stuff- weight loss, addiction recovery, habit change- it’s an inside job).

So, what specifically is different around here?

  • After two years I finally hired an assistant! Vanessa came on board in February; she helps me with bookkeeping, social media, general correspondence and staying organized.
  • Three specific programs are now being offered: Health Coaching, Habit Change & Recovery Coaching, and the Lifting the Weight Program. You can learn about all of these on the Services page.  The FAQs answer questions about my services, clients, and general approach.
  • A Pinterest Account has been added with lots of healthy & easy recipes, wellness tips, and added motivation. Drop by and find something to eat! (https://www.pinterest.com/tangramwellness/)
  • The branding and content on this new site is all very different from the original version, as I figured it was time to graduate from the DIY model. A fantastic designer and branding expert from the US, Connie Holen, worked with me to bring this vision to life, and two Singapore-based photographers, Cheryl Tay and Amber Roberts, snapped some fun photos for the Home, About and Contact pages.
  • I’ll be focusing more on advocacy through speaking and writing, as well as group events, and will keep everyone posted via the regularly updated blog and newsletter. Do you have a topic you’d like me to cover? Contact me.

Thank you for visiting the new Tangram Wellness website!

I hope you’ll take some time to explore and sign up for the Mailing List if you haven’t already. As always, I love hearing from you, so contact me directly or leave your thoughts in the Comments section below. 



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