- Hurdle over your fears. Close your eyes if you need to. When we walk alongside fear as our companion, we are on the wrong road. You’ve heard it before- “what you’re looking for is on the other side of fear.” That’s true.

- Forgive and release. Forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning or accepting someone else’s issues. It means recognizing our shared humanity and connection, and honoring yourself enough to release your heart from resentment.

-Develop unbreakable, non-negotiable, rock solid habits and practices. Running. Prayer. Weightlifting. Meditation. Writing. Gratitude Lists. Start with one and do it for at least six months before you add another. Make it yours.

- Cultivate kindness. Some of us were born kind, raised in kind families, and treated kindly throughout our lives. Most of us have experienced our share of unkind experiences. Don’t let that make you bitter. Practice kindness each day. Be especially kind to the vulnerable- children, animals, the elderly, the disadvantaged and disabled, the unkind, the angry, the hateful.

- Find a creative way to express that brilliant, revolving kaleidoscope within you: painting, writing, sculpture, singing, violin, beadwork, photography, dance, what have you. Get it out and let it fuel something uniquely splendid.

- Go out and explore the world. Hang with people who are very different from you, break out of your own social comfort circle. Learn as much as you can about the places you go. Taste the food, try the language, soak up the sites, and appreciate the diversity of the world while setting any judgments aside.  

- Learn as much as you can, as often as you can. Feed your mind and your soul with books and experiences that will broaden your conception of what’s possible and open your imagination up to new possibilities. Commit to continuous growth through lifelong learning. Keep your brain fresh and alive!

- Do the hard things. We evolve and expand by cultivating our strength, grit, tenacity and bravery. Cry through it if you have to, but do the hard things. Running the marathon. Having the tough conversation. Starting the business. Writing the book. Letting it go. Being there. Speaking the truth. Walking away, and towards. 

Light and Lifting,



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