Tangram Wellness specializes in strengths-based, Goal-Oriented Coaching for women on the Road to Reinvention, REsilience and Personal Energy Management. The Coaching Process is tailored to the Unique Needs and aims of Each Client to facilitate lasting change.



I’m a certified health, life and recovery coach who specializes in the road to resilience, reinvention and personal energy management. My one-on-one coaching supports women in the midst of a significant life transformation who are ready to enlist the support of an experienced and committed coach to facilitate lasting change — whether physical, emotional, behavioral or professional. Our work together will be intensive, immersive, strengths-based and tailored to your unique situation. Some of the coaching methods we may draw upon include motivational interviewing, models of transtheoretical behavioral change, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT), the GROW model, appreciative inquiry, assertiveness training, nonviolent communication, boundary setting, role playing, visualization and self authoring. Most of the tools in my coaching kit are evidence-based and I do not use or espouse New Age or “woo woo” techniques (it's just not my thing!) 

In each three to six month period of working together, we will focus on two to three specific areas where you’d most like to grow and change using an array of tools from various coaching disciplines. With a complementary background as a fitness pro, athlete and sports nutritionist, I’m also able to provide prescriptive guidance to increase your energy, motivation and focus from the inside out. 

Some common coaching scenarios that I work with are:

  • Reinvention and confidence-building for a trailing spouse who must create a new professional identity for herself;
  • Behavior change for a traveling executive who struggles with binge eating and/or excessive alcohol consumption;
  • Goal mapping and analysis during mid-life change, when new directions and interests begin to spring up, along with (often unwelcome) hormonal change; 
  • Guidance in wellness, exercise and nutrition post-treatment for recovery from an eating disorder, addiction, illness, or physical injury; 
  • Boundary setting and assertiveness training for an individual with high sensitivity who may struggle with being heard or seen in personal and professional relationships;
  • Emergence, clarity and confidence-building for a stay-at-home mother who is ready to to pay more attention to her own needs and desires, and possibly return to the workforce; 
  • Personal energy management for an executive or helping professional experiencing burnout, interpersonal conflict, or an energy-zapping autoimmune or hormonal disorder.

Coaching is a highly personal process. it’s best to find someone who has life experience that will lend to understanding and Empathizing with your unique journey. 

Here are a few factoids which can help you assess whether I'm the right coach for you:

  • As an expatriate who has called four nations “home,” (the US, Trinidad, China and Singapore), I am fluent in the third culture experience, the frustration and exhilaration of living without traditional roots, and the dissonance of being an educated overachiever who also holds the title of “trailing spouse.” My coaching clients have hailed from over twenty different countries and include traveling executives, humanitarian aid and relief workers, artists, entrepreneurs, helping professionals, stay-at-home mamas, and teens.
  • In my professional life, I worked for over ten years in New York as a writer, researcher and analyst for multinationals, NGOs, government agencies and social enterprises before changing tracks, launching two successful small businesses in Singapore. Tangram Wellness has been running since 2013, and began as a fitness and health coaching company. 

  • As a former party girl and perfectionist who battled clinical depression, an alcohol use disorder, and bulimia throughout my teens and twenties, I’ve experienced the rollercoaster of relapse, medication withdrawal, body dysmorphia and relationship upheaval. I have nine years of full and sustained recovery.

  • As a later-in-life mama to a high-energy toddler, I know the very real struggle of chasing the mythical creature called “having it all", along with the challenges of emerging from a difficult pregnancy and birth experience. I've been married for a decade to my best friend, Ryan, and we've resided in Singapore for eight years, where we live as permanent residents with our son and three fur kids. 

  • I tend to work best with high achievers, helping professionals, gifted teens and adults, HR executives, educators, journalists and humanitarian aid workers, athletes, and highly sensitive people (HSPs)- in other words, people who are motivated, sharp and yet particularly susceptible to burnout, addictive behaviors, and self-sabotage. If you're into typology lingo, I consistently swing between INFJ and INTJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and am a Enneagram 4w5... although I take both of these tests with a grain of salt. I’m always on a learning journey, whether it’s through reading, taking courses, throwing myself into a new experience, or working with other mentors and coaches.


Professional Credentials

NCCA-Accredited Health Coach
NCCA-Accredited Behavior Change Coach
Certified Professional Coach, World Coach Institute
Certified Substance Abuse Therapist Level II, Asia Pacific Certification Board
Certified Addiction Recovery Coach
Smart Recovery Facilitator
Certificate in Integrative Mental Health
Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine
Sports Nutrition Specialist, American Council on Exercise

Master of International Affairs (Socioeconomic Development): The New School, New York
Bachelor of Arts: The New School, New York

Associate, Institute of Coaching, McLean/Harvard Medical School
Member, ACSM Alliance
Member, IDEA Health & Fitness Association

Singapore National Physique Champion, 2014

Coaching And psychotherapy Differ in a few ways.

While therapists and psychologists focus on helping their clients heal and repair the past, coaches are present and future-oriented. Coaches emphasize empowerment, positive action, measurable goal-setting and long-term solutions. Coaches and their clients create a natural alliance, working in partnership toward specific goals set by the client; they do not medicalize, diagnose or treat the people who engage them and they aren’t trained to work with individuals who are not yet functioning or stabilized. Coaching is a task-oriented experience: clear aims are set, road maps are designed, and assignments are given to work on in between sessions. Similar to psychotherapy, coaching is confidential, which means that anything discussed in a session is not shared with any outside party unless explicit written permission is given by the client.

One of the preeminent leaders in the field of coaching, Sir John Whitmore, may have said it best:

“the coach is not a problem solver, a teacher, an advisor, an instructor, or even an expert; he or she is a sounding board, facilitator… who raises awareness and responsibility.”   

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