When I set out to write the content for this website, I really hesitated in listing my credentials associated with BEHAVIOR Change Coaching because of the word “addiction.”

While some of us in the field clearly see the stigma behind the term, as well as acknowledging that self-sabotaging behaviors fall on a spectrum and may not be an addiction at all, popular perception has a lot of catching up to do! So, even though I am certified as an Addiction Recovery Coach and SMART Recovery Facilitator, many of my clients DO NOT identify with the labels “alcoholic”, “addiction”, or “recovery”.

As a Behavior Change Coach, I serve a very specific type of client because of my deep understanding with the issue and my advocacy efforts around the topic.

I work with women who are seeking to explore and change their relationship with alcohoL, food and Their Bodies.

And, I work with them in an empowering, freeing, and non-judgmental way, which can be quite different from the one-size-fits-all mainstream options available today. Becoming a coach in this area is a true calling for me; my approach is informed not only by my training, but also by my own recovery journey and the continuous frustration I felt with the programs I found available to me at the time.

I use a strengths-based approach that encourages my clients to resolve their ambivalence about their relationship with alcohol or food; explore their values, strengths and motivations; and take action to reach one’s goals and vision in overcoming behaviors that do not serve them. My coaching approach is grounded in behavior modification therapies, as well as techniques used in various recovery approaches, and supports the development of practical tools to understand and manage urges.

My Behavior Change Coaching clients come from diverse situations & backgrounds, but they all share a common goal- to substantially change their lives by changing their behaviors around alcohol or food. Coaching is always tailored to the individual’s aims and preferences.

Examples of scenarios that are suitable for Behavior Change Coaching with me are:

  • A high-functioning career-oriented individual who recognizes that their drinking is beginning to impact her performance at work or their life at home.
  • A woman who consistently says "YES" to everyone else... and "NO" to herself. 
  • Someone who has put her life on hold because of how she negatively sees herself. 
  • A stay-at-home mom who would like to reduce or quit drinking, but who has become accustomed to martini play dates and feels intense pressure to drink.
  • A yo-yo dieter who struggles with out of control eating behaviors, which end up sabotaging weight loss goals.
  • A person who emotionally relies on junk food and who experiences strong cravings and urges.
  • A woman who would just like to explore whether or not a behavior has become a problem with a non-judgmental and supportive coach.
  • A person who has recently completed treatment for an alcohol use disorder and would like additional support to stay on track. 


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