Have you ever noticed that solutions only addressing one aspect of a complex issue rarely hold up over time?

Take diets, for instance.  People who diet to lose weight without also working on the inner being often find themselves repeating the cycle over and over again. Statistics bear this out: roughly 8 out of 10 dieters fail to keep the weight off.  We also know that “toughing out” an addiction or bad habit often ends in frustration and sometimes, a more extreme form of the problem that the person is trying to overcome.

Here’s the thing- lasting and profound change hinges on addressing interrelated components to align body and mind, intention and action.

Tangram Wellness provides transformative coaching, customized fitness training, workplace wellness, and mind-body practices that integrate the seven dimensions of wellness to build total strength- mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Programs and sessions are tailored to the individual, and can be conducted in person in Central Singapore, or globally via Skype.








I’m an internationally certified professional coach in the areas of Health, Behavior Change and Addiction Recovery, as well as a certified substance abuse therapist, wellness industry consultant, fitness specialist, writer and athlete, working with women across the globe. Following my own transformation journey out of clinical depression & an alcohol use disorder in 2009, I pursued training in various coaching disciplines and built a private practice based on what I learned through extensive research as well as professional and personal experience, all of which emphasized that, for optimal health, we cannot separate the body from the mind. As a coach, I'm particularly passionate about assisting people in changing habits and behaviors that no longer serve them. I help women tap into their total strength- mental, physical, emotional and spiritual- in order to overcome self-defeating behaviors, improve their health, and move toward a more rewarding life.

Prior to making the shift into the wellness sector, I worked as a writer and researcher in New York City in the areas of public health and socioeconomic development. I still apply these skill sets today by focusing on advocacy to reduce the shame and misconceptions around addiction and depression, and I’m most interested in highlighting solutions for healing. There is so much research on the problem, but very little on the potential solutions. In every respect, my work is committed to the latter. I speak regularly on body image, habit change and empowerment through athletics at conferences and keynotes both in Singapore and abroad, and my work has been featured in wellness and business publications, including MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, IDEA Fitness Journal, Simply Her Magazine, and Asian Entrepreneur. I'm also currently serving as a mentor for the Catalyst Journey Program, and as an aftercare coach for a regional rehab center. When I look back on where I was a decade ago and compare it to my life now, I still have to pinch myself. We all possess infinite potential, no matter where we are starting from.

In 2013, I launched Tangram as a training and health coaching business. Recognizing that millions of women are struggling like I had been with self-defeating thoughts, habits and behaviors, my vision for how I would serve them extended beyond physical fitness. As I celebrated the victories of my clients, I pursued training in coaching, counselling, behavior change and addiction recovery. Tangram Wellness is the evolution of this journey, embracing the knowledge that body and mind are intertwined and that change happens from the inside out.


Aimée Barnes Pestaño, Coach
NCCA-accredited Health Coach
Certified Professional Coach, World Coach Institute
NCCA-accredited Behavior Modification Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM
Fitness Nutrition Specialist, American Council on Exercise
Weightlifting Coach, NCAP (Technical Level 1)
Certified Substance Abuse Therapist Level II, APCB
Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, World Coach Institute
SMART Recovery Facilitator
First Aid & CPR Certification

Master of Arts, The New School, New York
Bachelor of Arts, The New School, New York

Singapore National Physique Champion, 2014
NPC/IFBB Ft. Lauderdale Cup 3rd Place Figure, 2014
Shawn Rhoden Classic 2nd Place Figure, 2014

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Health & Fitness Specialist: ANNA KWAN   

Fitness has been my passion and calling from the very beginning, and I'm proud to to call it my vocation as well for twelve strong years. Prior to relocating to Singapore in 2015, I spent the past decade in London running an exclusive weight management company, The Weigh To Go, catering to busy executives. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and a gold standard personal training certification with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), I hold a level four diploma in Obesity Management & Diabetes Prevention, the highest rated exercise qualification by UK standards.   

A love of fitness has found me regularly competing in triathlon and marathon events worldwide, including the London marathon and triathlon, New York City marathon, and Chicago triathlon. I've had the privilege of working with many clients who are preparing for their first long race, or who are just getting started on their journey as athletes.

My simple yet effective philosophy of maintaining a strong, able body through healthy nutrition and exercise has resulted in a very loyal and satisfied client base over the duration of my career. I help women uncover their physical endurance, strength, abilities and talents while motivating them toward reaching their fitness goals through science-based training that's sustainable over the long term. 

Having built on my knowledge by studying to become a specialist in Pre- and Post-natal exercise prescription, I'm also on a mission to help new and expectant mothers exercise safely and effectively, and to raise the bar on education and awareness around pre- and post-natal fitness. Through customised personal training, small group exercise sessions and educational workshops, I train and educate women in core strengthening and lumbopelvic stability, with particular focus on diastasis recti (splitting abdominal muscles) diagnosis and recovery. 

Anna Kwan, Health & Fitness Specialist

Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, University of Leeds
Diploma in Obesity Management & Diabetes Prevention, WMC
Weight Management & Nutrition, WMC

Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise Prescription, Register of Exercise Professionals UK
First Aid & CPR Certification


Anna has competed in many distance running and triathlon events, including:
Chicago Triathlon
London Triathlon (time 3:20)
New York City Marathon
London Marathon



Hi there, I'm Yan! Health and wellness has been part of my life and my passion for twelve years now. I'm a certified personal trainer, mat pilates instructor, and metabolic fitness & nutrition educator, which basically means that I focus on the relationship between our hormones, metabolism and body fat storage. As a child growing up, I was the only girl surrounded by male cousins and a brother, and went to a single-sex school. I was also enrolled in Singapore's now-defunct Trim and Fit Club. All of this gave me a warped sense of how I saw myself. My physical health was also lacking, and I suffered from persistent respiratory problems, various skin allergies, and severe candida issues, which prevented me from leading an active lifestyle. Through traditional asian wellness remedies, I was healed during my teenage years and saw an improvement in my immune system. It was around this time that I felt happiness and freedom through the physical expression of myself in dance and fitness.

I became interested in not just getting stronger, but also being supple and lean like a dancer. I also became intrigued in the science of nutrition and how our food choices affect our health, body types and social life so intimately. However, at the age of 23, I was diagnosed with Stage III Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer - the first in the history of my family. This came as a surprise to me and my family as I had been leading an active healthy lifestyle and eating well. I could not understand the cause of it, but I was aware of the tremendous emotional and mental stress I'd been putting myself through. This interjection in life made me realize how powerful the relationship is between our mind and our physical health. 

Going through Hodgkins Lymphoma set me on personal quest towards understanding and practicing a holistic approach towards fitness and nutrition, while focusing on living life with passion and purpose. Being an experiential person, I invested heavily in learning from fitness experts, doctors and coaches from all over the world in the areas of nutrition, fitness and movement, and mindset development. I eventually found myself accomplishing two significant events in my life :

  • Competing in the SBBF National Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Model event in 2011, where I learned the significance of and dedication towards proper planning of nutrition and training. However, I also realized that no one talks about life after competition openly, regarding the impact it can have physiologically and mentally.
  • I also participated in a year-long dance mentorship program with mini performances in 2012. This experience equipped with me a great deal of understanding behind the mind-body connection and the awareness of spatial movement.

After spending 7 years learning through various fitness and nutrition programs, I now help others live their own integrated active lifestyle, with the principle of keeping the hormonal system in check.

I truly believe that the way forward to improving one's quality of life is through:

Movement : Achieving self-efficacy in quality movement patterns.

Nutrition : We are not slaves of food or "diets", but food empowers us. There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition program. We are each unique individuals.

Power of mind : Visualizing success and painting a mind-body connection. We are only as good as our minds think we are. Nothing is truly impossible.

Prior to being in the fitness industry, I spent nearly a decade managing my own business in the mid-luxury horology sector and teaching Sciences from primary to international baccalaureate levels, where I saw the same hormonal impact on the health of youths, caused by mental and emotional stress. My personal approach to an integrated active lifestyle now lies in finding the harmony of one's body movement expression,  hormonal nutrition and a positive mindset. I call this, "Hormone Harmony."

I wish to cultivate the HEALTHY AND RIGHT purpose and image to people -- HEALTH before Aesthetics. When you treat your health right, the looks will follow! 


Yuyan (Yan) Huang, Metabolic Trainer, Nutrition Consultant & Pilates Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise
Certified Pilates Instructor, Studio Pilates Australia
Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant & Coach, Level 3
Certified in Movement Efficiency Training (M.E.T.) 


  • Polestar Pilates Modules Level 1 to 6
  • Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy- Neck & Upper Extremities
  • Functional Training Mentorship, Human Motions Associates 
  • R.E.H.A.B. Essentials, R.E.H.A.B. Trainer 
  • Dance Mentorship Program, ECNAD

B.A. in Applied Science (Food Science & Technology) 

Dance Performer for the Opening of Gardens by the Bay, 2012
Singapore Physique Competitor, SBBF 2011

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